The Silence of Thought — Oppression of the Intellect: “20 Questions to Ask.”

As Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” In that context, shouldn’t we ask ourselves: have we forgotten (or being made to forget) to actually be able to (or allowed to) “THINK” in today’s seemingly fast paced (manipulatively programmed) world, and merely reduced to act as CAPTCHA solving agents?

Aren’t we (the educated, thoughtful, and aspiring defenders of democracy) today bluntly and blatantly slapped with falsified facts and coerced defenses (emanating from the cunningly constructed digital armies of baseless defenders) when attempting to ask legitimate (warranted) questions to the incumbent political representatives (covert rulers)? So much so that as if asking questions to our representative rulers is a fading trend, a sin, or a taboo; even worse when we end up inviting the wrath of their armies who fearlessly threaten our lives for speaking out.

Yes, these “representatives” who started representing us as seemingly revolutionary “servants of democracy,” have now amassed enough wrongful and unwarranted “covert power” that is unreasonably (oppressively) legitimised (suppressing the core essence of democracy with coercion) to act as our rulers — to whom the citizens cannot dare ask questions.

How are these falsely constructed chains of events affecting the psyche of regular citizens to “think” — let alone being able to or allowed to think freely and independently —and in what direction? Yes, courtesy of a sellout mainstream media (MSM) incessantly engaged in falsely shaping and corrupting (by capturing a sweet real estate in our minds to initiate their fabricated pretences) the stream of thought of a large number of people, the mass hysteria continues.

Is this unhealthy sociopolitical culture pushing us all towards being left to diminish our faith in the possibility of expecting or shaping a real change in our society?

Is this notion healthy for a democracy like ours?

What does the founder of acclaimed online news and social networking service mean by saying, “Conversations rule the world?” As if “intellect” is passé.

Aren’t we, even today — and since the beginning of the incumbent regime’s debut innings at the centre, being forced to be (manipulatively) compelled or (behaviourally) obsessed to react (being at the receiving end of the reaction builders’ attempts to spark concocted abuse and humiliation) to unhealthy conversations online — those having no takeaways? Think first, to engage aerially; don’t get engaged to get enraged at their level.

Since when have we been left to simply act mechanically to mostly end up building monotonously massive databases of often (thoughtless and triggered) unhealthy conversations on these digital platforms that we got reduced to simply attracting reactions (mostly unproductively — to witness dilution of the essence of what answer is sought from the question, or what is meant to be conveyed), and never actually receiving the authentic answers — A classic Escape from Alcatraz?

What is the logic of still continuing to thoughtlessly create content (while mostly being triggered and enraged) that benefits the perpetrators more than the creators, and trading our privacy in exchange to publishing the content (offering valuable and sensitive data — for combined data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis meant to facilitate strategic communication during the electoral processes — and analytical insights to the electoral process devising CAnalytica of these cunning masterminds) on these meticulously mastered digital platforms (in the hope of seeking baseless recognition), when in return, all that we are getting is abuse (from the carefully positioned reaction builders) and pressured silencing (from the platforms themselves)?

Weren’t democracies functional 30 or 40 years back when there were no such digital platforms of interaction available?

Why are we compellingly contributing to making these platforms larger than life mediums in our daily lives — is this limiting our acts in the actual sphere of life?

So much so, even when we realise that these platforms aren’t democratically owned, but, instead, are potential monopolies (the BigTech — while regulators are still struggling to determine the market status of the Big 5 (breaking the monopolies as they continue M&As of nascent competitive threat posing ventures), the companies have a scary length of data on our personal and professional lives — health, political views, religious and cultural beliefs, relationships, aspirations, likes and dislikes, finance and banking, digital wallets, buying behaviours and shopping wishlist, work, travel preferences, real-time location data, check-ins, voting patterns, smarthome and smartphone data, cloud data, etc.).

What are the behavioural impacts of these conversational (social networking) platforms in shaping the voting and daily life (even healthcare) decisions of the citizens — educated (worryingly) and uneducated (expectedly)?

Why among the incumbent political elites exists a fondness of denting our ability to Think — wait, shouldn’t (in a democracy) “thinking” be our own prerogative?

Isn’t there a covert nexus between the incumbent (surveillance obsessed) political rulers and the global technology companies geared towards substantially controlling our lives (even our minds, say, with brain-computer interfaces, the future is NOW!)— data exchange and information sharing (often even without seeking a consent —e.g., biometrics having less encryption and enhanced surveillance)?

Do we realise what’s at stake?

Or, are we simply getting played?

Are we increasingly getting submissive to their tactics of taming our intellect (ability to think and forming rational opinions free from prejudices and partiality)?

Are they winning at their (opportune) game of thrones?

Where is the thought of (envisioned) democracy lost in the chaos of indoctrinated conversations, although taking place in the digital world, but massively affecting also the fate of the real world?

Are we getting educated to “think and govern” or being alienated to work as slaves to AI Robotics — used by the BigTech, ruled by the Elites?




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Ranjan Yadav

Ranjan Yadav


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